6 Quick Tips for Eating Healthy on the Fly

Do you eat junk when you get busy because it’s too hard to find healthy fast-foods? Or maybe you forget to eat until you’re soooo hungry that you just grab the nearest option?

Eating healthy on a jam-packed schedule is HARD, but there are ways to make it work…

1. Pack snacks!

Some of my go-to snacks are fruit, pre-cut veggies, egg muffins, etc. These are all easy things to pack in my lunchbox for when I need a quick fix. When I don’t have access to a refrigerator, I go with nuts, trail mix, RX bars, or Lara bars (Rx bars and Lara bars are made REAL food and have a simple ingredient list).

2. Don’t skip breakfast. 

This is KEY for me. If I skip breakfast, I’m starving by 10am and I make bad choices for lunch because when I’m so hungry that I just grab the nearest option. You don’t HAVE TO eat breakfast, but you should do what you need to do to keep yourself from going deep into hunger and cravings. Since I workout in the mornings on an empty stomach, breakfast is a must if I want to prevent bad food choices later in my day.

3. Meal prep (Easy things!)

Meal prep doesn’t have to be an all-day Sunday event, but it can save a lot of time (and stress) throughout the work week.

If you want easy/lazy meal prep, buy a crock-pot. It’s a magical thing. You can throw a bunch of good stuff in there Sunday morning and by nighttime…voila! Meal prep is done…All you have to do is portion it out into containers and you are good to go.

Try this Turkey Chili recipe I posted last week. It’s super easy and so good!

4. Drink water.

It’s hard to remember to drink enough water when you’re busy, but if you’re not properly hydrated you will start to feel fatigued, sleepy, and even get some pretty nasty headaches.

My general rule of thumb is to drink about 2/3 of my body weight in ounces of water per day, plus about 12oz more for each 30 mins of exercise. I keep this big pink jug at my desk to remind me.

Side note- Having a straw makes such a difference. I always drink more water when I have one.










5. Grocery delivery. 

Do you have trouble making healthy choices when you grocery shop? You see all of your favorite items and you just HAVE to get them, right?

Try grocery shopping online through a food delivery service. Or try a meal delivery service like Blue Apron.  Blue Apron has a bunch of yummy meal options in the right portions.

6. Dining out? Plan ahead. 

Nowadays almost every restaurant posts a menu online, and some of them even post nutrition facts. Before you head out, take a few minutes to look through the menu and pre-pick a healthy option. Having this healthy choice in your head before you sit down at the table will help you avoid impulsive splurges when your friend asks, “Should we get nachos to start?” or, “Oh the pizza looks good! Let’s get one!”


These are just a few quick tips for keeping things healthy when you’re on a tight schedule. They seem simple, but they work wonders.

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