Fast Food Frenzy: Are there healthy options?

Okay, who has seen this commercial?

I cringed the first time I saw this because that girl was totally me (and if I’m being honest, it still kind of is…).

When we work hard to eat healthy and get our body used to good eating habits, it’s hard to “sabotage” all of that by feeling pressured to eat fast food. It’s also so easy to just feel like, I’ve been eating pretty well so I deserve to indulge. But then our little cheat becomes an entire pizza.

On the bright side, the general population is starting to realize the benefits of eating healthier, which means that restaurants have to offer healthier options if they want to keep people showing up. Continue reading “Fast Food Frenzy: Are there healthy options?”

Bodyweight Strength [WOA]

Do you usually stick to cardio, but you’ve been wanting to start #CardioRehab and try strength training? Or maybe you’ve been wanting to try strength training for awhile, but you’re a little nervous to work with weights?

Give this bodyweight strength workout a try! It’s an easy way to start building strength WITHOUT using weights.


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