My #1 Tool for Healthy Food Shopping

Growing up I was always taught that calories are king…but trust me when I say that’s total bull. In my last post, I talked about why I don’t zone in on calorie counts when I’m grocery shopping because calories are just a small piece of the puzzle. So if we don’t choose […]

Broccoli Cobb Salad

I’m a huge Cobb salad fan, because who doesn’t love adding bacon, eggs and cheese to a salad? I also got a new salad chopper recently, and had to put it to good use so I came up with this recipe and MAN OH MAN is it good! Ingredients 2 […]

The Diet Mind Game (+ the solution)

Most people learn about dieting at a fairly young age, and that age seems to get younger and younger as the media continues to push all sorts of fad diets.