Fast Food Frenzy: Are there healthy options?

Okay, who has seen this commercial? I cringed the first time I saw this because that girl was totally me (and if I’m being honest, it still kind of is…). When we work hard to eat healthy and get our body used to good eating habits, it’s hard to “sabotage” all […]

The Definitive Guide to Cutting Your Cravings in Half TODAY

“Let’s go out to dinner. I’m craving a big, juicy burger.” “All I want right now is a hot, cheesy piece of pizza.” “I’m on my period and I NEED chocolate.” My guess is you’ve said one of these before, if not all of them. Managing cravings is HUGELY important […]

6 Quick Tips for Eating Healthy on the Fly

Do you eat junk when you get busy because it’s too hard to find healthy fast-foods? Or maybe you forget to eat until you’re soooo hungry that you just grab the nearest option? Eating healthy on a jam-packed schedule is HARD, but there are ways to make it work… 1. Pack […]