Ladies, PLEASE stop buying this shit

The fitness industry can be pretty superficial.

Every day I see pills and products advertised on social media that promise “bikini bodies” to anyone who purchases.

The ads always use those bullshit “Before and After” photos that make fat-loss and physique change seem easy…

We just need to eat this magic pill, right?




If you are considering these things or maybe you already have a bottle hidden in your cabinet that you’re planning to start, this blog post was written for you.

I’ll give you two BIG reasons to trash that shit:

1. These “quick fixes” are dangerous.

A lot of us walk through the grocery store, tossing things in our carts, assuming that if a product can make it to the shelves then is must be safe.

Uhhh…Not so much.

And this is exactly why I’m such a huge proponent of whole, unprocessed foods, and why I work so hard to convince you out of buying diet pills and supplements.

Take a look at this list of FDA food recalls from just the last month. About one-third of the  products on this list are pills or protein supplements. Oh, and also, the FDA doesn’t have to approve supplements before they go to market. They just recall them after people start having awful side-effects.

Seems a little backwards, don’t it?

You can read more about my take on supplements in this old blog post, but my point here is just to tell you that this crap is not worth your money. They’re expensive, they can have crazy side-effects, and we have no idea what the long-term repercussions are for most of them.

The only way to sustainable, safe fat-loss is through a healthy lifestyle.

2. They don’t freakin’ work.

If you’re able to get past the potential harm you’re doing to your body with these pills and you STILL want them, then let me convince you with the simple fact that THEY DON’T WORK.

Sustainable fat-loss and physique change are not easily achieved, and they take REAL lifestyle changes, not just “magic pills”. Any of the people that claim success with these things are changing other parts of their lifestyle at the same time (diet, exercise, sleep, stress), and THOSE changes are what lead to results.

If you want to get healthy and lose fat, I’ll help you, but let’s do it the right way.

I just opened a program geared towards building a lifestyle that will get you the fat-loss and physique change you want in a safe and healthy way.

Click here for more details on my upcoming Triple Threat Bootcamp.



3 Essentials for Building a Healthy Routine

If we really, I mean really, want to be healthy, we have to work at it.

A healthy routine grows out of healthy habits, and habits take time to build into a lifestyle. A 5-day detox or cleanse is NOT going to help you get healthy, and neither is a single 3-hour visit at the gym.

If you want to build good habits, start by changing ONE thing. Just one. Because trying to do too much at once will lead to overwhelm, and that’s when we give up entirely.

If you want help implementing habit changes that will build a healthy lifestyle, you would thrive in my new program- the Triple Threat Bootcamp. Click here to read more about it! The deadline to sign up is Sunday, Sept 24th so get your spot now!

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4 Benefits of Exercise That Have Nothing to do with Looks

Most of us want to get fit so we can feel good about the way we look, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that as long as that desire isn’t coming from a place of self-loathing.

But, there are so many other reasons to pursue fitness that have much more utility in our everyday lives…Here are four of my big ones:


1.  Stress relief

Exercise is an incredible stress-reducer. Not only does it trigger the release of endorphins that calm tension throughout the body, but it makes us really pay attention to our bodies. Next time you work out, listen to your body and your breathing and try to stay mindful of how each move feels. Engaging with your body during a workout will relieve stress by refocusing your mind on the task at hand instead of all the worries floating around in your head.

And don’t get stressed about trying to fit a workout into your schedule- it doesn’t have to be long and boring. In fact, it shouldn’t be (unless you’re training for something). Want tons of short (<20mins) and challenging workouts? Sign up for the next round of my Triple Threat Bootcamp.


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