Jump Rope Workout [WOA]

I love my jump rope. Jumping rope is an awesome workout with lots of benefits that you can read about here. Plus, it’s super easy to bring a rope with you wherever you go, which makes it great for a #WOA workout 😉 Want customized workouts for your fitness goals? Sign up for a free […]

5-for-5 Full Body Workout (30mins)

You can #WOA with this full body workout – all you need is a set of medium dumbbells. Do each move for a full minute, taking breaks along the way as you need them so you can jump right back in and keep pushing yourself. Once you finish all five […]

Upper Body Workout [WOA]

You can #WorkOutAnywhere with this upper body workout. All you need is a set of dumbbells! You’ll need your dumbbells for the first two rounds, and I want you to choose a lighter set of weights than you normally would for upper body moves– maybe 8 or 10 pounds (5lbs if you’re […]