4 Benefits of Exercise That Have Nothing to do with Looks

Most of us want to get fit so we can feel good about the way we look, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that as long as that desire isn’t coming from a place of self-loathing.

But, there are so many other reasons to pursue fitness that have much more utility in our everyday lives…Here are four of my big ones:


1.  Stress relief

Exercise is an incredible stress-reducer. Not only does it trigger the release of endorphins that calm tension throughout the body, but it makes us really pay attention to our bodies. Next time you work out, listen to your body and your breathing and try to stay mindful of how each move feels. Engaging with your body during a workout will relieve stress by refocusing your mind on the task at hand instead of all the worries floating around in your head.

And don’t get stressed about trying to fit a workout into your schedule- it doesn’t have to be long and boring. In fact, it shouldn’t be (unless you’re training for something). Want tons of short (<20mins) and challenging workouts? Sign up for the next round of my Triple Threat Bootcamp.


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The “Aha!” moment that shot me off my fitness plateau

A few years ago I had a huge realization about fitness that totally changed my mental and physical health.

I’ll explain this realization by sharing a story, so let me set the stage…

In the Fall of 2012, I was training for my third marathon. I had run Boston and Chicago, and now I was training to run the New York City Marathon. I had been wanting to run NYC ever since I crossed the finish line at Chicago, and I was so ready for it.

I had months of training under my belt, and I was hoping for a PR. My hotel was booked, my bags were packed, and I was ready to rock…Then this happened:

Image result for hurricane sandy new york city

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Banana M&M Blondies

This recipe was born out of two small dilemmas:

1. I needed to bring a dessert to my nephew’s birthday party, and didn’t have time to shop for any ingredients.

2. I had very ripe bananas that would shortly go beyond edible

This recipe ended up tasting like a blondie crossed with banana bread (hence the name), so if you like those two things you should definitely give the recipe a go.

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