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Triple Threat Bootcamp
A 4-Week Accelerated Exercise & Nutrition Coaching Program for Busy Women Looking for Motivation and Consistency

I designed this program to help the women who keep telling me that they struggle to be consistent with their workouts and nutrition. In a world that loves yo-yo dieting and hours of cardio exercise, I totally get why there is there is so much stress and confusion around how to achieve fat loss and maintain a healthy lifestyle. After a month of the #TTB, you will know how to exercise more efficiently, how to make better choices with your nutrition, and how to get your mind in the right place for a healthy lifestyle.

Sweat with Strength
A 3-week cardio-strength training program for busy women

If you’re a cardio junkie like I used to be, and your idea of fitness includes hours on the treadmill/elliptical/running outside, or multiple group aerobic classes every week, then THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU! After a month of the #SWS workouts, you will know how to exercise more efficiently for fat loss and physique change, and you will feel stronger and more confident about your body.