9 Tips to Prevent Instructor Burnout

Every once in awhile, I hit a wall. My body stops doing what I need it to do to teach my classes, and it screams for a mental and physical break. I’ve gotten better at slowing the frequency of my body breakdowns, but now and again they’re still going to […]

Why indoor cycling is different from other group fitness formats

I met a friend of my husband’s the other day and like many small talk introductions he asked about what I did for work. I told him that I’m a consultant for fitness professionals and businesses, and that I also manage and teach at an indoor cycling studio. He immediately jumped to […]

Mic screeching? Sound issues during class? Read this.

Picture this…   You’re a few songs into class, and your riders are warmed up and really getting into it. You hear a faint ringing behind your music, and then – all of the sudden- a piercing *SCREECH* takes over the room. You quickly reach for the volume and turn […]