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Try these 10 tips to be more consistent with exercise

Have you been wanting to get into fitness, but you just can’t get yourself motivated? Or maybe you’re sick of the same old workout routine and just need a change to get interested again?

EVERYONE hits the fitness wall once in awhile! Exercise is one of my absolute favorite things to do but on occasion even I can fall into a slump.

Here are some things we can do to get ourselves out of a motivation rut: 

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1. Routine.

Make your exercise mindless by making it part of your routine. You won’t need motivation if you’re already programmed to do your workout. I’m an early bird and I like to get my workout done in the morning. I set my alarm for the same time every day and I just get up and go. I don’t even have time to reconsider because my body wakes itself up before I get the chance.

2. Schedule your workout like a meeting.

Make exercise an actual written-in part of your schedule. Block off your workout time so that you aren’t tempted to make an excuse by planning to do something else.

3. Know yourself.

If you know there’s no way you’ll exercise when you get home from a long day at work, do your workouts in the morning. If you hate the gym don’t go, but find an alternative (home, outdoors, etc.).

4. Have fun with it!

You’ll be much more likely to exercise if you do something fun. Do you like to workout out in a group? Try a group fitness class. Are you a competitive spirit? Sign up for a competition or a race.

I wanted a “fun” way to workout last weekend so Joe and I tried some rock climbing. It has been awhile since I did it and man, was it hard! But it was a blast and was a great way to get some exercise when I was lacking motivation to go to the gym.

5. Get a buddy.

Find someone to workout with who will keep you accountable. Having a friend by your side while you exercise will also add a social aspect that makes it a lot more enjoyable! I love going for long weekend walks with friends as a low intensity, fat-burning type of exercise.

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6. Set goals.

If we make specific goals for our exercise, we can trigger motivation by trying to achieve those goals. Now I don’t mean goals of “losing weight” or “getting toned”, but more like “be able to squat my bodyweight in pounds” or “do 10 burpees in 30 seconds”. Think of something you have been trying to do or start doing, and set a specific goal around it.

7. Reward yourself (not with food).

Hit every workout you wanted for the week? Treat yourself to a nice massage or a mini shopping spree. Avoid using food as rewards because it triggers emotional eating issues that are hard to fix.

8. Keep it real.

Be realistic with your workouts. You should NOT be in the gym for multiple hours every day because you’ll burn out quickly and start to hate exercise. Find a routine that is flexible and sustainable. If you wake up feeling groggy and aren’t up for a high intensity workout, go for a long walk instead with your dog, a friend, or a good podcast.

9. Try new things. 

When the same old routine starts to bore you, try something new! Do you usually do cardio? Try lifting weights today. Are you into yoga/Pilates, but don’t have experience with much else? Try a cardio/strength combo workout to mix things up. Need someone to guide you through how to workout? Get a trainer!

Click here if you want a month’s worth of short (<30 minutes) cardio/strength workouts straight from a personal trainer!

10. Make it easy.

Does getting all the way to the gym sound like a lot of effort? Workout in your living room! You can even stay in your pjs if you want. Exercise doesn’t have to be a big to-do. Try one of these at-home workouts and you can be done with your workout, showered, and ready for your day in less than an hour!


If you’re really stuck on motivation and just don’t know what to do about it, check out our #TripleThreatBootcamp or sign up for a coaching call and I’ll help walk you through some new ideas.


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