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13 Real Food Sources of Protein (#NoPowders)

One of the biggest questions I get from my TTB girls in this round and last round is…

“What can I eat to get more protein?”

Now, the fitness industry has taught us that we need to drink protein shakes and/or eat protein bars in order to get enough protein in the day, when, really, neither of those things are necessary (and could even be unsafe).

I will never recommend a pill or a powder supplement over real food, because there are just so many other options. I made this handy little infographic just to name a few…

What about the other big protein questions?….

“Um…What is it?”

“Why do I need it?”

“How much do I need?”

Check out my other blog post for answers to all of these questions, and if you need more customized nutrition guidance, sign up for a FREE 30-minute discovery call and let’s chat solutions!