Is fruit really good for you?

I can eat as much fruit as I want because it’s healthy, right? Not so fast. Everything in moderation- even fruit. What are the pros? Fruit is delicious! Fruit is a healthier way to satisfy a sweet tooth (vs. cookies, candy, etc.) Fruit is high in nutrients (vitamins and antioxidants) […]

What should we do after overindulging?

With the holiday’s wrapping up, I think all of us are feeling a little bloated from those mashed potatoes and cookies. (These are some of the cookies I made and you can bet I “taste-tested” all of them. Twice.) How do we feel better after a big splurge? DON’T PANIC. […]

12 Days of Christmas Workout [WOA]

Here’s another #WOA (WorkOutAnywhere) workout for you guys. This one is Christmas themed and it can be done at home, in a hotel room, outside, etc. This workout requires zero equipment, hence #WOA. So the exercises work just like the 12 Days of Christmas song… Start with 30 sec wall sit, […]