What does “know your body” actually mean?

This week we’re focusing on understanding our minds and bodies. I broke the basics up into four different parts so they are easy to digest: 1. In my last post, I talked about knowing what your body is trying to tell you when it’s feeling sore. This is a common […]

Why am I sore after my workout?

Have you ever tried a new exercise or pushed yourself a little harder than usual and the next day you wake up and can’t lift yourself out of bed? This stiff pain is known as delay onset muscle soreness (DOMS). It usually starts the day after a new or difficult […]

My Running Addiction and the Injury That Killed It

I was a runner. That’s how I defined myself. Running was my outlet and my stress-reliever. I ran for hours so I could prove to myself that I was mentally strong and disciplined. But there was a downside, of course. I was constantly facing overuse injuries like shin splints, runner’s […]