3 Reasons Your Weight Loss Program Isn’t Working

  You got rid of the junk food , stuck to your diet, and you’ve been pretty good about working out…but you’re still not seeing any results. So what’s the deal? Here are 3 reasons your weight loss program isn’t working:   1. You only do cardio. I used to love […]

5 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Be Happier

gratitipositivityThis post is a follow-up to the lesson of gratitude that I learned from my friend, Carly, earlier this week. I believe we can use our trying times to teach us the beauty and importance of gratitude, but how do we actually make ourselves feel grateful for the little things on a […]

10-Minute Ab Workout [WOA]

Sometimes we just want to work our abs, and it’s so easy to squeeze in a quick core workout! Here’s a 10-minute ab/core workout that I did yesterday. I made this one as a finisher for a Bootcamp class. It’s a great way to end a workout or to just get in some […]