How many carbs should I eat?

“I want to lose weight so I’m cutting out carbs.” We’ve all heard this before, and many of us have probably even said it ourselves. I know I used to. But is cutting carbs really a good idea? While we definitely want to be aware of how many carbs we […]

Upper Body Workout [WOA]

You can #WorkOutAnywhere with this upper body workout. All you need is a set of dumbbells! You’ll need your dumbbells for the first two rounds, and I want you to choose a lighter set of weights than you normally would for upper body moves– maybe 8 or 10 pounds (5lbs if you’re […]

A Workout for When You Don’t Wanna Work Out [WOA]

Missing the motivation today, but still feel like you need some exercise? Try this simple and easy workout. And of course it fits into the #WOA category, which means you can do it right in your living room while you watch TV or listen to some music. I did this […]