A Workout for When You Don’t Wanna Work Out [WOA]

Missing the motivation today, but still feel like you need some exercise? Try this simple and easy workout. And of course it fits into the #WOA category, which means you can do it right in your living room while you watch TV or listen to some music. I did this […]

Stuffed Acorn Squash

I credit this recipe to my mama. When Joe and I first moved into our condo, we decided to completely redo the kitchen, so my mom came up from Connecticut to help (because she rocks). Knowing we wouldn’t have thought through the whole cooking without a kitchen thing, she brought […]

Quick Drink Guide: How many calories are in your booze?

Going out tonight or this weekend? Keep your alcohol calories in check with this quick guide of what to choose and what to avoid. Before I dive into the details, let’s start with a few quick facts about alcohol… Alcohol in small doses shouldn’t have a huge effect on your […]