Grocery shopping today? Don’t forget this…

When you’re strolling down the aisles at the grocery store and you see one of the items on your list… Do you take a second to check out the full label, front and back? OR Do you just grab it and drop it right into your cart? OR

Broccoli Cobb Salad

I’m a huge Cobb salad fan, because who doesn’t love adding bacon, eggs and cheese to a salad? I also got a new salad chopper recently, and had to put it to good use so I came up with this recipe and MAN OH MAN is it good! Ingredients 2 […]

Sprint Sandwich Workout [WOA]

Sprints are a great way to combine cardio, muscle-building, and power into one short workout! Do a workout like this a few times a week and you will see major change in your endurance, strength, and your physique. Want customized workouts for your fitness goals? Sign up for a¬†free discovery […]