The “Aha!” moment that shot me off my fitness plateau

A few years ago I had a huge realization about fitness that totally changed my mental and physical health. I’ll explain this realization by sharing a story, so let me set the stage… In the Fall of 2012, I was training for my third marathon. I had run Boston and […]

Banana M&M Blondies

This recipe was born out of two small dilemmas: 1. I needed to bring a dessert to my nephew’s birthday party, and didn’t have time to shop for any ingredients. 2. I had very ripe bananas that would shortly go beyond edible This recipe ended up tasting like a blondie […]

Class Review: Barry’s Bootcamp

Let me start off by saying that this review is NOT what I expected it would be. More likely than not it will rub you the wrong way, either because of what happened or because I decided to write about it. BUT, I promised you guys brutal honesty in these […]