Class Review: Everybody Fights

The Entrance & Welcome A couple of weeks ago, I headed down a quiet side street in the Boston Seaport to try a class at Everybody Fights. When I arrived, I headed inside and I went straight to the front desk to check in (per usual). I had signed up […]

PLEASE stop buying this shit

The fitness industry can be pretty superficial. Every day I see pills and products advertised on social media that promise “bikini bodies” to anyone who purchases. The ads always use those bullshit “Before and After” photos that make fat-loss and physique change seem easy… We just need to eat this […]

3 Essentials for Building a Healthy Routine

If we really, I mean¬†really, want to be healthy, we have to work at it. A healthy routine grows out of healthy habits, and habits take time to build into a lifestyle. A 5-day detox or cleanse is NOT going to help you get healthy, and neither is a single […]