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3 Reasons Being a Morning Person Will Change Your Life


Peeling yourself out of bed is not easy. I get it.


But the thing is…It’s really never easy. Whether you’re waking up at 5am or 9am, leaving a warm bed of soft blankets and comfy pillows, your significant other, and maybe even a fur ball pet is tough.


So if it’s going to be tough anyways, why not just rip the band-aid off a little earlier? AND the beauty is that if you do it consistently, being a morning person will actually change your life. No joke.

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3 reasons being a morning person will change you life:


1. You’ll start every day on the right foot.

Imagine this…In the peaceful calm of a quiet morning, you’re sitting in a comfy chair by the window watching the the sunrise while you sip a hot cup of delicious coffee.

That sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Much better than rushing out the door with bedhead, a wrinkled shirt, and no breakfast, only to realize halfway through the drive to work that you forgot your cellphone on the counter.

A successful morning will lead to a successful day, and becoming a “morning person” will set you up for that success.

2. You’ll be more productive.

Guess what else is amazing about getting a good start to the morning?

It will feel like you’re adding more hours to your day. When your brain wakes up a little earlier, you aren’t groggy and “out of it” for the first couple hours of the day.

Envision starting your day feeling 100% prepared, energized, and ready to get moving. It would be pretty hard not to be productive with a start like that, amirite?


3. You’ll actually get some time to yourself.

We are often telling ourselves that we’re “too busy” to do things for ourselves and self-care just seems too indulgent, but a healthy lifestyle hinges on self-care and happiness.

And waking up early gives us the extra time we need in our day fit in that essential self-care. Plus, it’s a whole lot easier to get out of bed when we’re doing it for our own reasons 😉

Here are examples of a few self-care practices that you can start your day with:

  • Read. Newspapers, novels, blogs
  • Be creative. Write, draw, paint
  • Listen. Music, podcasts, news
  • Move. Workout, walk the dog, hike
  • Eat. Make a healthy breakfast + cup of coffee
  • Pursue a new hobby. Knit, yoga, puzzles


It’s time to start taking care of yourself with a solid morning routine. Click here to get started with a free #RiseAndShine guide to becoming a morning person 🙂