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3 Tips for Building a Cycle Class Playlist


My Crewbies are always telling me that they spend tons of time and energy building their class profiles and playlists.


Is that a good thing?


Before I answer that, let's take a second to be grateful...As instructors, we get the privilege of using our unique creative energy to build something powerful that touches and changes the lives of so many. From start to finish, we decide how we want to create an incredible experience for our riders.


Teaching a class is similar to giving a gift. The receiver is of course going to benefit, but the real joy lies with the giver.


Every time you sit down to build a new class and maybe you're feeling a little frustrated or overwhelmed with the process, rediscover this gratitude and the stress will melt away.


Gratitude takes practice, and so does class-building, so I want to also give you some concrete, actionable steps to help you build your playlists in a more efficient manner.


Here are my 3 big tips for you to help you manage your playlisting:


1. Match the song to the terrain and energy.

Picking the right song can make or break the engagement of your riders. Choose songs with intention. You want the music behind you to match the terrain and mood that you're coaching so that everything flows together with a collective momentum. (If you need help learning how to do this, you can download my free guide here.)


2. Variety is key.

Heavy beats are great, but not for an entire class. That's going to exhaust your riders.

Slow, pensive music is powerful. But not when you want to induce high energy, all-out efforts.

Top 40 songs are fun, and your riders might love to hear music they know, but pop songs with ballads can get old if you never mix things up.

One of my biggest tips for drawing in and holding onto new riders is to play a variety of music, and stay open to new things. Try music across all genres, beats, moods, etc.

The (music) world is your oyster...Take advantage of it all!



3. Choose songs that get you excited!

I say this all the time to my Crewbies, but I think it's worth repeating... 

If you look at the playlist for your next class and don't feel totally jazzed by your song choices, it's time to change things up!
If you aren't excited by the music, your energy won't be where it needs to be and your riders will feel that

You know when you hear the first few seconds of an awesome song and you suddenly get a rush of energy and excitement? Make that the goal for every song you choose in your playlists, and you will have a killer class every single time. 

There is so much good music out there...Use a variety of music that gets you excited and matches the flow of your class, and you will totally transform your classes from just a ride to an amazing experience.



Do you use Spotify? Do you need a little help organizing it in a way that will help you seamlessly build your class playlists? Check out my DIY Spotify course here, and feel free to email me with any questions!