Audition Checklist for Indoor Cycling Instructors



Are you a new indoor cycling instructor trying to get your first job?

Maybe you're fresh out of your certification...

Or you're just an avid rider who's ready to take things to the next level...

Either way, that first job can be really tough to get.


Auditioning and interviewing for instructor positions is a tricky and stressful process. I get questions about auditions and interviews ALL the time...

Do I need to bring a resume? What should it say?

How should I prepare my ride? What music should I use? What drills should I do?

How do I know what to expect?


Getting into that hotseat can be extremely intimidating and there are a lot of variables to consider, but one thing you can be certain to do is to go prepared and bring everything you need to get the job done.


Download this checklist today to learn exactly what to bring with you on audition day so that you can walk in with a little added confidence!