FitnessWOA (WorkOut Anywhere)Workouts

Booty & Core WOA Workout

This WorkOut Anywhere (#WOA) bodyweight workout is designed to get you OFF the treadmill and elliptical and into some simple strength moves.

To all my cardio bunnies, keep in mind that no equipment and no long-duration cardio does NOT mean an easy workout. This will be TOUGH, especially if you’re used to a cardio-heavy routine.

The good news it that this will be short- no more than 20 minutes or so.

If this workout makes you consider moving away from the cardio room then you are definitely ready for some #CardioRehab! The FREE #CardioRehab challenge will start in late January, so make sure you join the Triple Threat Lifestyle Club (#ChicksOnly) Facebook group if you want to participate (and be in the running for prizes)!