Class Review: Everybody Fights

The Entrance & Welcome A couple of weeks ago, I headed down a quiet side street in the Boston Seaport to try a class at Everybody Fights. When I arrived, I headed inside and I went straight to the front desk to check in (per usual). I had signed up […]

Class Review: Barry’s Bootcamp

Let me start off by saying that this review is NOT what I expected it would be. More likely than not it will rub you the wrong way, either because of what happened or because I decided to write about it. BUT, I promised you guys brutal honesty in these […]

Class Review: Orange Theory

I finally made it to Orange Theory! Joe and I did the 9:15AM “Orange 60” class on Sunday and had a blast, despite the fact that we were both fairly hungover from the night before (oops). Regardless, I was pumped to finally try an OT class and I have lots […]