My Running Addiction and the Injury That Killed It

I was a runner. That’s how I defined myself. Running was my outlet and my stress-reliever. I ran for hours so I could prove to myself that I was mentally strong and disciplined. But there was a downside, of course. I was constantly facing overuse injuries like shin splints, runner’s […]

The ab/core exercise I’m loving right now

A strong core is crucial to the success of most types of exercise, but you can’t get one by just doing crunches. Core muscles go much deeper than the surface six-pack abs…so deep that they even help to protect the spine and internal organs. Strengthening your entire core will help to […]

Can it be exercise if I’m not sweating?

Can we call something “exercise” if we don’t show physical signs of stress while we do it (sweating, panting, etc.)? YES. Exercise is any sort of physical effort that improves health and fitness, with or without sweat. A perfect example of this type of exercise is walking. Walking one of […]