Indoor Cycling Instructors: 5 tips for getting confident on stage

Want to know something crazy?   Out of all the men and women instructors I’ve been coaching lately, every single one of them struggles with confidence.   I’m talking brand new instructors, instructors who have been teaching for a few years, and even instructors who have been in the industry […]

Want to Try an Indoor Cycling Class? Here are 5 Tips to Get You Ready

1. Choose your class:  Party or power? The original Johnny G Spinning classes started 30 years ago and were A LOT different than what indoor cycling looks like now. I was originally certified with Mad Dogg Spinning and learned to teach the old school method of riding. It took me […]

Booty & Core WOA Workout

This WorkOut Anywhere (#WOA) bodyweight workout is designed to get you OFF the treadmill and elliptical and into some simple strength moves. To all my cardio bunnies, keep in mind that no equipment and no long-duration cardio does NOT mean an easy workout. This will be TOUGH, especially if you’re […]