What no one tells you about cellulite

  Let’s put it all out there… you have cellulite, don’t you? I certainly do. And since 90% of women (and 10% of men) have it, I’m guessing you do as well. I remember my first encounter with cellulite…

Try these 10 tips to be more consistent with exercise

Have you been wanting to get into fitness, but you just can’t get yourself motivated? Or maybe you’re sick of the same old workout routine and just need a change to get interested again? EVERYONE hits the fitness wall once in awhile! Exercise is one of my absolute favorite things […]

Why is it SO hard to stay motivated?

Some days you’re just on your game. You wake up feeling refreshed, confident, and excited for a good day. You get through a challenging workout, eat healthy all day, and cook yourself a nutritious dinner from scratch when you get home. Then a week later…you get busy and tired, and all of […]