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What no one tells you about cellulite


Let’s put it all out there… you have cellulite, don’t you?

I certainly do. And since 90% of women (and 10% of men) have it, I’m guessing you do as well.

I remember my first encounter with cellulite

I was in high school.

Class had let out for the day and I was on the bus with my field hockey team heading to the town nextdoor for a game. I slouched down in my seat with my legs up and leaning against the seat in front of me. My thighs were pretty visible since our uniform bottoms were spandex and a kilt. I don’t think I’ll ever understand exercising in a skirt, but I digress…

My friend Amanda was sitting next to me on the bus said, “Look! You have little dimples in your leg!”

I had never noticed them before and thought they were kind of cool. Amanda was a little bummed that she didn’t have any because they were “cute” and would match the dimples on her face. LOL

Crazy to think someone would actually WANT cellulite, isn’t it?

Cellulite has become something that we try to hide because at one point or another the media told us that it’s unsightly and implies that we are overweight and out of shape… And we fell for it.

But now it’s time for us to come to our senses. Cellulite is NOT something to be ashamed of.

First off, cellulite is genetic so much of it is out of your hands anyways.

Second of all, having cellulite does not mean that you’re fat. Cellulite comes from subcutaneous fat – the fat layer under our skin- and even skinny people have this. In the high school story I just told you, I was actually underweight for my size and still had cellulite.

Okay, so where does cellulite actually come from?

Let’s start with estrogen. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for keeping our skin soft and firm (among other things) by aiding in the production of collagen. It also increases circulation and blood flow by relaxing and dilating blood vessels.

As we age, our estrogen levels decline and blood circulation slows. As this happens, less oxygen and nutrients get to the subcutaneous layer of skin, which means we produce less collagen. This is also when the fat cells get larger and start to squeeze through the collagen, creating that “cottage cheese” look in our thighs and booties.

This is a totally normal an extremely common bodily change, and it doesn’t deserve all of the scrutiny we give it.


BUT if you really just can’t stand it…

There’s no permanent solution for getting rid of cellulite yet, and I will never suggest getting medical treatments with lasers or injections for superficial changes, but here are some small changes you can make to help you reduce the appearance of cellulite:

1. Exercise and eat healthy.

Sound familiar? A #TripleThreatLifestyle improves our health and happiness in so many ways. We can’t totally get rid of cellulite by cutting our fat, but we can reduce it.

2. Drink water.

As I mentioned  above?, poor circulation can allow for toxins and fluids to accumulate, which exacerbates the formation cellulite. We can help to prevent this by drinking water throughout the day (at least 70-80oz per day).

3. Don’t stress.

Stress throws our hormones out of whack, and hormones are a big component in cellulite production. For example, estrogen aids the formation of collagen, which keeps our skin firm and tight. Try to lower stress by getting enough sleep and keeping up with a #TripleThreatLifestyle.

4. Get new undies.

Go ahead and go shopping for some new underwear. You can say I told you to. Underwear with tight elastics around the butt will restrict blood flow and aid the formation of cellulite. Maybe it’s time for some thongs…

5. Massage the area.

Some people swear by this method, but any results you do see from massaging your cellulite areas will only be temporary. Plus, we have to be careful with this one because massaging too hard could cause even more fluid build-up in these areas, making our cellulite worse.


Seriously, though, who cares if you have a little cellulite? Nitpicking at our appearance and associating our “flaws” with our self-worth will lead us down a dangerous road.


Ready to drop the worry about cellulite, get your mind right, and move into a healthy mindset and lifestyle? Be sure to sign up for the next round of #TripleThreatBootcamp! Check out all the details HERE.

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