Choosing a Successful Location for Your Indoor Cycling Studio (Free Guide)

Your studio's location can make or break the success of your business.

Location matters. Big time.

I have seen countless startup studios fail because they didn't consider all of the elements that go into a successful location.

Here are some examples of misguided reasoning that I've heard in the past...

"There was a studio in this space before me, so the layout is already set up the way I want it. What a find!"

"There isn't a single fitness club nearby, so I won't have any competition and I'll attract a lot of members."

"The rent is high in this location because it's a high-traffic spot that's in high demand, so I'll cut down on square footage to make it work."

There are so many flaws in these statements, but it's hard to fully understand them unless you have a list of every necessary consideration with regards to choosing a space.

Don't risk missing something big because you didn't consider everything...

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