DIY Online Workshop for Indoor Cycling Instructors: Creating and Implementing a Class Profile Template

Who is this Workshop for? 

This workshop is for new and experienced instructors who are exhausted by the hours they spend planning classes and want to love the process again! This workshop is also for people who don’t have a system or structure for building their classes and sometimes don’t even know how to start.

Who is this Workshop not for? 

This workshop is not for instructors who are 100% confident about the system they use to build classes. If you are proud of all of your class profiles and are able to build them quickly and efficiently, then you don’t need this workshop.

What will you get if you sign up for this Live Workshop?

3 Recorded Video Trainings

The trainings are broken into 3 parts, each with a 35-40 minute video. This workshop was originally recorded live, so you will hear audience questions as you listen. These questions are valuable and will add to your ability to learn the process (although you won’t be able to ask questions yourself since you are purchasing the discounted DIY version).

Video #1:  Building a Template

This video training will:

  1. Explain the value of a class profile template,
  2. Share all the tools and steps for building one; and
  3. Teach you the steps for implementing the full process from start to finish.

Video #2:  Matching Music

The second video training will:

  1. Explain how to match music to a basic profile outline,
  2. Show you how to use music to create drills and specific actions within each song,
  3. Demonstrate how to use Spotify to organize your playlists and profiles, and
  4. Teach you how to finalize your first template.

Video #3:  Using Your Template + Q&A

This final training will:

  1. Show you how to re-use and re-purpose the finished template in just a few minutes, and
  2. Share the Q&A of class-building questions from the Live version of this workshop so that you can learn from your peers!

Workshop Workbook

I’m a big believer in having something tangible to take away from a training so that you can have a guide that encompasses everything you learned about how to build a class profile template that will save you time, effort, and energy!

DIY Online Workshop for Indoor Cycling Instructors: Creating and Implementing a Class Profile Template

Email to learn how you can get access to these trainings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course meant for traditional or non-traditional instructors?

All types of indoor cycling are welcome to this training. Kate will mention both types when building the template so that you can see what it would look like for you. 

Is there any coaching in this? Can I ask questions along the way?

This workshop is not live, therefore there will be no coaching or Q&A. However, you will get the benefit of listening to the Q&A from the live workshop members, and you always have the option to purchase a one-on-one coaching call.

If you have any other questions, email and we will take care of you.

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DIY Online Workshop for Indoor Cycling Instructors: Creating and Implementing a Class Profile Template

About Your Coach

Hi, I’m Kate!

I’ve been an indoor cycling instructor for over a decade. I’m a certified Level 2 SpinningĀ® Instructor and I’ve gone through dozens of other certifications and continuing education courses. I also teach other forms of group fitness and I’m a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach but indoor cycling has always been my first love.

I know from my own experience and from talking with other instructors that getting a certification is not enough to feel comfortable and confident up on an instructor stage. Unfortunately, there are just not enough resources to help instructors get what we need to teach our best classes.

So, I took all of the difficult elements of being an instructor – the ones that I used to struggle with – and I built solutions. And I continue to build solutions as I uncover more and more of the instructor struggle.

If you join me for this workshop, you will leave feeling more confident about your class planning process and you will save tons of time, effort, and energy in building your classes. You will finally enjoy planning your classes!