My name is Mary and I am a Cycling teacher, I came to Kate Hoerner for help with my struggles with getting more people to attend my class. Kate critiqued my video that I sent her of me teaching a class. She gave me great advice and also pointed out something that I did not realize I was doing. I think going forward my class will gain more students because of the ideas Kate gave me.  She really knows her stuff and I am glad to be connected to her and definitely will consult with her in the future!

-Mary C.


I bought the CPM because while I found my certification helpful, I felt like I didn't have a foundation for how to actually build profiles. CPM has helped me understand how to organize my rides, both individual rides but also just how I manage and keep them organized in my online filing system. I can think of them as being grouped by these different objectives and can also think through which objectives I'll focus on each week or even each month.

-Allison S.


I did CPM because it was taking me lots of hours preparing a cycling profile.  I almost quit before I got a job thinking about how time consuming it is, I already have 2 other jobs and just love to bike and was thinking this would be a cool job to help people with their fitness goals and get paid.  So I took the CPM training course because I really want this to work out and hoped that it would help me become a rock star instructor and need more sleep in my life so anything that will help me become faster at planning is something I needed. I found the CPM trainings, workbooks and templates very helpful.  I like the experience Kate's had and that she shares this with us to help us to improve. My biggest takeaway from CPM was how to plan a class with purpose and confidence.  Everything in the course is beneficial. Thank you Kate!  This is been great!

-Hilary B.


"I hired Kate to build a detailed financial model that would help me make decisions regarding a significant move and expansion of my club.  I was under deadlines and she delivered. The model forecasted the short and long term revenues and expenses of the expansion, which gave me the detail I needed to be secure in my decision. I would definitely recommend Kate to anyone who needs help with their club's financial projections."

-Rick O. -  Owner/GM, Loggerhead Fitness 


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