Indoor Cycling Instructors – Coaching Options

If you already you have a certification (and even if you've been teaching for years) we all have our struggles...building playlists, building routines, and building confidence, to name a few. We can focus in on your speed-bumps and get you the systems and strategies that you need to perfect your classes!

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1. DIY COURSE:  Master Your Spotify - $15

Organize and learn the hacks of Spotify in order to finally streamline your class planning process!

  • Access to the MYS Training Video Screen Flow (25 minutes long) where you will watch me maneuver around Spotify as I explain how to set up and organize your music and playlists to streamline your class planning
  • A PDF Reference Guide that lists all of the important steps and elements for Mastering your Spotify


2. DIY COURSE:  Cycle Poet Method (Class Profile Planning and Execution) - $97

A 6-Module Indoor Cycling Instructors Training On How To Masterfully Compose and Lead Outstanding Classes

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3. Cycle Circle Champions: A 2-Month Group Mentorship with Kate

This 2-month group mentorship program will guarantee that you learn and grow as an instructor and come out the other side with fuller classes and more confidence. You will have the benefit of getting coached towards your own goals while also watching and learning as your peers get coached towards theirs. Read the details here and get on the waitlist for the next round.


4. FREE Close Facebook Group Indoor Cycling Instructor Crew

       Click here to request access!  (PLEASE NOTE: I do not do individual coaching in here.)