Indoor Cycling Instructors – Coaching Options

If you already you have a certification, and even if you've been teaching for years, we all have our struggles...building playlists, building routines, and building confidence, to name a few. We can focus in on your speed-bumps and get you the systems and strategies that you need to perfect your classes!

Don't fit any of the options below, but still want to work together? Sign up for a FREE Discovery Call.


1.Cycle Poet Method Course (Class Profile Planning and Execution) - $97

A 6-Module Indoor Cycling Instructors Training On How To Masterfully Compose and Lead Outstanding Classes

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2. Cycle Circle Champions: A 3-Month Group Mentorship with Kate

What will you get?

  • Welcome Packet + Instructor Assessment
  • Access to the closed, private CCC Facebook Group
  • 45-minute kickoff call with Kate
    We will use this call as our starting point. We will go deep into your purpose and your "why", and pinpoint the blockages that are keeping you from reaching your full potential as an instructor.
  • Weekly group calls
    These will be incredibly valuable to you as an instructor! Every week at a set time, we will do a video call with all of the Champs, I will start with a tip or a training, and then each Champ will get a few minutes to ask questions. I will answer your questions and you will get the benefit of hearing what your peers are asking.
  • Video Audits (3 max per month)
    I will provide feedback on videos of your teaching
    (videos must be 5 mins or less in duration)
  • Daily check-ins from Kate (M-F)
    I will hold your hand through this mentorship and be checking in daily to make sure you're held accountable for the changes you wish to make and make sure that you're feeling fully supported in your journey.
  • Ongoing access to Kate via the Facebook group
    You can post any questions, concerns, stories, successes, etc. in the group and I will coach you through them (and celebrate with you)!

We'll get you feeling like an expert in no time! Sign up now to start building on that foundation and get the confidence you need to teach your best classes ever!

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3. FREE Close Facebook Group Indoor Cycling Instructor Crew 

       Click here to request access!  (PLEASE NOTE: I do not do personal coaching in here.)