Cycle Circle Champions Mentorship for Indoor Cycling Instructors


Want to know the secret to being everyone's favorite instructor? 


First, let me ask you...


Are you struggling to fill your classes?

Are you taking way too much time to plan classes and you need help streamlining your process?

Are you having trouble getting totally comfortable and confident on the instructor stage?


If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, don't worry, you are not alone. I totally know how you're feeling right now because I was there once, too.


I still remember my very first class as a rider...I got on a bike in the back of the room after totally botching my bike setup (Ugh!). The instructor came over to correct things for me, and then went on to deliver an amazing, truly life-changing ride.


I was in love! After 6 months and dozens of rides, I decided to get my certification from Mad Dogg Athletics. The training weekend was an exhausting whirlwind, and I was very excited to get an instructor job, albeit very nervous and unknowingly very unprepared.


I had the passion and I knew how to ride really well, but knowing how to teach was a totally different story.


I spent years struggling to find my groove. I constantly referenced the resources from my certification training and I did a ton of continuing ed, but nothing gave me what I needed to really be successful. Not to mention my classes weren't building, and I wasn't connecting with my riders.


I felt so discouraged and drained.


So, I gave up.


I quit my position and decided I couldn't cut it as an instructor.


It wasn't until I went back into another class for a ride that I realized I couldn't give up on my passion. There was a reason I wanted this, and I needed to keep trying.


So I tried again, but this time I did things differently.


...And that's when I learned the secret.


The secret sauce of a great instructor is not in the certification or the class profile.


It's not just about the ride...It's about the person leading it.


A great class starts with the instructor.


Your ability to be an inspiring leader will depend on your confidence and your command of the stage. I don't know a single certification or continuing ed course that teaches instructors how to truly be confident and own the podium.


I had to teach myself how to get there. After years of building systems for class planning and execution, shifting my mindset, and truly building my confidence, I can honestly say that the podium is my absolute favorite place in the world.


I want you to be able to say that, too.

I want you to be able to do the work you love, feel fulfilled, and feel successful.

I want you to be able to tell people, "I'm a successful indoor cycling instructor, my classes are always waitlisted, and my riders keep coming back for more!"


You have a unique style and voice to bring to your riders, and we need to bring that out. A cookie-cutter certification is not going to get you where you need to be. Successful instructors don't fit a mold.

The most successful instructors learn how to tap into what makes them different and special, and use that to attract their tribes.

Together, we will tap into your unique energy so that you can find that missing link and start to attract your own tribe. They will love you for who you are and how you teach, and they will keep coming back just for you.


If you truly want to build your confidence on the bike and start feeling like the successful instructor I know you can be, don't wait. Trust me, the longer you wait, the more discouraging it will be.


When passion, confidence, and success come together, it's a beautiful thing. You'll see.


Come join me and an inspiring group of go-getter instructors for a 2-month mentorship where you will build your confidence, learn how to fill your classes, and take your passion for teaching indoor cycling to the next level!


How does the Cycle Circle Champions Mentorship work?

CCC lasts for 2 months, and I only open it up a couple times each year, which means it will be months before you can take advantage of this opportunity again. I hope you make the right decision for yourself...The time is now.

Once the program starts, you will receive an email on Day 1 with the Welcome Packet and Instructor Assessment, and you will be granted access into the private Cycle Circle of Champions Facebook Group.

The Facebook Group will be your lifeline! I will post in there every day (M-F), asking for you to check in and stay accountable so that we don't waste any time. You will meet the other Champs in this group, and you will help each other grow and learn throughout our 2 months together.

You will also have the ability to post videos in the Facebook Group of yourself teaching (5 mins or less), and I will critique your form, cueing, instruction, etc. You will have the chance to post 2 videos throughout our mentorship, and my Champs always find these Video Reviews to be incredibly helpful and valuable.

Every other week we will have a group call where all Champs can ask questions and share experiences from that week. I will coach you through them, and we will troubleshoot together so that everyone can learn from each other.

The other Champs and I will be checking in on you every day and will make sure that you feel fully supported in your instructor journey.

Make the decision to take your teaching to the next level and come join the Circle!

What's included in the CCC mentorship program?

This program is specifically designed to serve your unique needs as an instructor. I will coach each Champion using my Instructor Trifecta Matrix so that we can uncover any hidden problem areas and tackle every single component of being a rockstar instructor.

The CCC program includes all of the following elements:

Matrix title
  • Welcome Packet + Instructor Assessment - We will dive in right away and get you started on uncovering your personal barriers to being a rockstar instructor
  • Bi-weekly group calls via Zoom - These video calls will be incredibly valuable to you as an instructor. I will start the call with a training on topics such as cueing/building profiles/coaching/etc, and then each Champ will get a chunk of time to ask questions about teaching or share something that happened in class that he/she wants to discuss.
  • 2 Video Audits - You will get one opportunity per month to post a video in the Facebook group of yourself teaching (<5 minutes in duration) and I will provide feedback on form, drills, cueing, coaching, etc. These videos can be taken during your class or in an empty room while you're practicing.
  • Daily check-ins from me M-F - I will hold your hand through this mentorship and be checking in daily to make sure you're held accountable for your goals. These check-ins will make you feel fully supported in your instructor journey.
  • Access to the closed, private CCC Facebook group community - As you learn and grow throughout our mentorship time together, you will also build a community with your instructor peers that you can carry with you even after our mentorship ends.
  • Ongoing access to me via the Facebook Group - You can post any questions, concerns, stories, successes, etc. in the Facebook Group and I will coach you through them, and celebrate with you as you hit your goals!

Cycle Circle Champions

A 2-Month Mentorship for Indoor Cycling Instructors

Enrollment is now closed!

Email for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is CCC for?

CCC is for instructors who...

…Are new to teaching (auditioning, just got a job, or have been teaching less than 2 years)

…Feel like they don’t have confidence on the bike

…Spend way too much time planning classes

…Want to fill the room with riders, build attendance, and find their tribe

…Can’t figure out what they’re missing


How long is CCC?

2 months (60 days)!


I already have a certification. Can the CCC Mentorship still help me?

Absolutely! Most of my Champs already have a certification of some sort. Earning a Spinning or indoor cycling certification is a great way to start your journey as an instructor; however, my clients have found that a certification is not enough. In this mentorship, we will build on the basics you learned from your certification, and we will work through how to actually implement them in your classes.


I don’t have a certification yet. Can I still join the CCC Mentorship?

You sure can! I will meet you where you’re at, and we will go from there. We can start with the very basics and take each step as you’re ready for it. CCC would be an incredible way to jumpstart your instructor journey.


What stage of the instructor career are your CCC clients in?

CCC is a 2-month mentorship for new instructors. "New" instructors implies those who are just learning about teaching, those who are newly certified, anyone who has less than 2 years of experience teaching overall, or experienced instructors who are trying to learn a new format or "refresh" their ride.


What can I expect to learn in the CCC Mentorship?

Everything in CCC is 100% catered towards what you need. After the initial assessment, I will know where we need to spend our time in order to help you grow as an instructor. Depending on where you‘re at, the topics will range significantly. To name a few:

  • Bike setup and proper form
  • Class structure and design
  • Music matching and selection
  • Drills and Choreography
  • Inspirational language and cueing
  • Crosstraining and other fitness
  • Auditions and interviews
  • Overcoming issues with the riders
  • Building confidence and squashing limiting beliefs
  • Dealing with studio or club management
  • Improving class numbers and filling the room
  • Social media promotion
  • ...and so much more!


Have other questions?

Email me at and I will get right back to you with an answer!

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About Your Coach

Hi, I'm Kate!

I've been an indoor cycling instructor for over a decade. I'm a certified Level 2 Spinning® Instructor and I've gone through dozens of other certifications and continuing education courses. I also teach other forms of group fitness and I'm a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. But, indoor cycling has always been my first love.

I know from my own experience and from talking with other instructors that getting a certification is not enough to feel comfortable and confident up on an instructor stage. Unfortunately, there are just not enough resources to help instructors get what we need to teach our best classes.

So, I took all of the difficult elements of being an instructor - the ones that I used to struggle with - and I built solutions. And I continue to build solutions as I uncover more and more of the instructor struggle.

If you join me in the Cycle Circle Champions Mentorship, I promise you that by the end of this 2-month coaching program you will be feeling confident in your abilities to fill your classes. I will be in your corner cheering you on and supporting you through any and all struggles and successes.

Together, we will bring out your unique instructor voice so you can find your rider tribe and love every second of teaching.

Spots are limited, so make sure you grab yours fast! Email me with any questions.