The Cycle Poet Method: A 6-Module Indoor Cycling Instructor Training On How To Masterfully Compose and Lead Outstanding Classes

Learn how to effortlessly and efficiently plan your classes with the Cycle Poet Method

If you're an indoor cycling instructor, then you probably already know that in order to be a rockstar instructor you have to be able to create a solid class profile.

Your success as an instructor will revolve around your ability to create a fun and exciting class for your riders, while still getting them the results that they want.

Knowing exactly how to create a successful class profile is absolutely crucial if you want to be a strong and confident leader in your studio.

I know you already know this, so let's move on...

This still shocks me...

I know countless instructors who have been teaching for over 10 years and still don't have a solid system in place for creating class profiles.


And it's not their fault.

The problem is that none of our certifications truly prepare us to efficiently and methodically plan and execute our classes. Even if you're someone who has spent hundreds of dollars on certifications, I'm willing to bet you that still don't feel 100% confident in your class-building.

I have yet to see any certification or course that teaches an implementable, repeatable method for creating a class profile.

And I know this to be true because HUNDREDS of indoor cycling instructors have told me flat out that their biggest struggle by far relates to planning and executing class profiles.

In their own words, here's what they've told me:

  • "I've tried everything and it still takes me HOURS just to plan one class :("
  • "I never know where to start...The music? Drills? Terrain? HELP!"
  • "How do I put everything together in a way that actually flows and makes sense?"
  • "What kind of music is a good fit for my profile? How do I know if they'll like it?"
  • "I feel like I'm doing the same thing over and over again because I don't know how to freshen things up. I need help creating variety in my profiles."

Sound familiar? Trust me, I get it.


I was there, too! Even with years of experience and several certifications under my belt, I struggled with my confidence because things just weren't getting any easier and I never felt like the strong, confident instructor that all my certifications promised I would be.


After a few years of teaching, I realized that I had to stop band-aid fixing the symptoms of the problem and get to the root cause. Since I didn't know the best way to build a good class profile, I couldn't muster the energy or the confidence that I needed to totally own my classes.


When I would sit down to write my class profile, I would freeze up because I didn't even know where to start. The whole process felt broken and disparate. I would come up with a few drills and string them together into a profile that didn't flow and didn't make sense, like a mystery novel that turned into a non-fiction textbook about whales.🤦‍♀️


But really, it wasn't good.

And it wasn't fun.

And every time I went to write another class I felt even more like a fraud.


If you're reading this thinking "That's how I feel!!!" then listen up...


Enough is enough!

You became an instructor because you love to ride and you want to share that love with others. If you don't do what you need to start turning things around, I worry that you're going to lose that passion forever.

What instructors are saying about CPM...

"CPM has helped me understand how to organize my rides, both individual rides but also just how I manage and keep them organized in my online filing system. I can think of them as being grouped by these different objectives and can also think through which objectives I'll focus on each week or even each month."

-Allison S.

"I found the trainings, workbooks and templates very helpful. I like the experience you've had and that you shared this with us to help us to improve. I learned how to plan a class with purpose and confidence."
- Hillary B.

"CPM made me realize how much time I was wasting by not having a system or method in place to plan my classes. Becoming a Cycle POET has saved me loads of time and energy. Thank you Kate!"
Emily R.

Cycle Poet Method:  DIY Class Profile Training Program

Access to the CPM Portal with all 6 Modules

6 Webinar trainings with Kate on each of the 6 modules of CPM

6 Workbooks (one for each module) so you can learn to implement CPM right away!

Access to purchase a one-on-one call with Kate for individualized coaching

Cycle Poet Method: Do-It-Yourself Training Program


How does the Cycle POET Method training program work?

Over the years, I have honed a 6-pronged method for class building that allows me to bang out all-star class profiles in less than 30 minutes.

I want to share all of the dirty details behind my Cycle Poet Method so that you can feel CONFIDENT about your classes and ensure that your clients love every minute!

 Are you ready to find out how this Method can help you, too?

What exactly is The Cycle Poet Method?

#CPM is a 6-module training where you'll learn strategies for building a class with a plan and a purpose, but more importantly you'll have a systematized, step-by-step method that leaves nothing out and covers all the bases of class profile creation and execution.

After this 6-module training, you will...

  • Be able to implement the Cycle Poet Method for creating organized and purposeful class profiles
  • Know exactly where to start when you sit down to build a class
  • Create a well-structured class that flows
  • Have a foundation and structure for your profiles that still allows you to add your own creative element
  • Feel comfortable creating and executing your classes
  • Feel more capable and confident in the instructor saddle

How does this training work?

The Cycle POET Method is a 6-module education:

  • Module #1: Introduction and Overview- What is the Cycle POET Method?
  • Module #2: The Physical Objective - What, Why, and How?
  • Module #3: The Emotional Theme - What, Why, and How?
  • Module #4: Nailing the Intro and the Music
  • Module #5: Common Instructor Concerns
  • Module #6: Saving Time by Re-purposing  +  Additional Resources

How is this program delivered?

This course is a virtual educational class that will be delivered over the internet via 6 webinar video trainings with Kate. You will also receive 6 individual workbooks that will follow the training. These workbooks will help you learn to actually implement each step of the method immediately and on your own.

Any questions about the program or any issues you encounter when getting started can be directed to

What's included?

6 Webinars Trainings

You will get 6 recorded webinar trainings where Kate will take you step-by-step through the Cycle Poet Method

Weekly Workbooks

Each training will be accompanied by a unique workbook (6 total) so that you can learn to put the method into practice

Lifetime Access to the CPM Portal

With your purchase, you will receive lifetime access to the CPM portal and all of the training resources.

Access to Purchase Coaching Calls

You won't be left hanging! If you need a little extra help, you can purchase a one-on-one call with Kate to help get you on track

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need an indoor cycling certification to take this training?

Nope! Getting a certification creates a great foundation for riders and I will always recommend starting there, but this training will definitely help instructors that are trying to build their own base without a certification under their belt.


I've never taught before. Can I still do the training?

Totally! This training will set you up with a solid method for building your classes so you'll be feeling confident and ready-to-go by the time you're up on the bike!


How long are the trainings? I don’t have much free time.

The webinar trainings will all be about 30 minutes each and the workbooks will take 30-60 minutes, depending on the module.


Is this course meant for traditional or non-traditional instructors?

Both are welcome (plus everyone in between)! Everything you learn in the Cycle Poet Method can be applied to class profile building, regardless of how you teach.


Is there coaching that goes along with this?

Since this is a Do-It-Yourself program, there won't be any individual coaching. However, you will have the option to purchase a 30 or 60 minute call with Kate.


Wondering anything else about the Cycle Poet Method that’s not listed here? 

Shoot me an email (! I'll make sure to get right back to you 😉



About Your Coach

Hi, I'm Kate!

I've been an indoor cycling instructor for over a decade. I'm a certified Level 2 Spinning® Instructor and I've gone through dozens of other certifications and continuing education courses. I also teach other forms of group fitness and I'm a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. But, indoor cycling has always been my first love.

I know from my own experience and from talking with other instructors that getting a certification is not enough to feel comfortable and confident up on an instructor stage. Unfortunately, there are just not enough resources to help instructors get what we need to teach our best classes.

So, I took all of the difficult elements of being an instructor - the ones that I used to struggle with - and I built solutions. And I continue to build solutions as I uncover more and more of the instructor struggle.

If you join me to learn the Cycle Poet Method, I promise you that by the end of this 6-module program you will have learned the exact method that I use to build my class profiles. You will walk away with everything that you need to implement this method and immediately improve and streamline your class planning process. I really can't wait to show you my secrets.

Your life is about to get a whole lot easier! Not to mention your confidence is going to skyrocket 😉

If this sounds like something you need to get your hands on, don't miss out! Claim your spot ASAP and get ready to rock!

So, are you going to keep spinning your wheels on and off the bike about your classes being good enough, OR are you going to seize this opportunity and like a poet with words, become a master of your classes?


Cycle Poet Method:  DIY Class Profile Training Program