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Is Your Indoor Cycling Certification Failing You?

Being an indoor cycling instructor is much harder than it looks.


In order to teach a solid class, everything needs to be on point:  form, class structure, music-matching, cueing, inspiration, and so much more.


All of these factors create opportunity for instructors to struggle, especially newbies...But by far and away the most common complaint I hear from instructors relates to class building.


I’ve asked hundreds of indoor cycling and Spinning™  instructors about their biggest struggle, and a shocking amount of them have told me that they have a really tough time finding efficient ways to create and execute class profiles.


What's even more interesting about this is that it isn't just a newbie struggle...A lot of instructors in the ICI Crew have been teaching for 5, 10, even 20 years, and they're frustrated because they still haven't found a sustainable and efficient system for building class profiles.




What the heck is happening?!


How is it possible that these instructors were certified through an accredited organization and they were never effectively taught how to handle the most important part of being an instructor?


Now is a good time for me to clear up a very common misconception…


Too often I hear newbies ask how they can get more confidence on stage, and seasoned instructors respond with something along the lines of, “You just need more experience”.


This excuse is total BS.


Experience does help with cultivating confidence, yes, but only if the big rocks are in place first. Streamlining the creation and execution of a class profile is a HUGE rock for indoor cycling instructors. A boulder, I’d say.


I don’t want you to continue in this painful cycle and expect that the ease will eventually just come...Because it won’t. (And we all know the definition of insanity.)


I’d say it’s time we get that boulder in place, yeah?


If you struggle with class creation and execution and want some help, click here to learn my method for building and executing solid class profiles.