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Class Review: Everybody Fights

The Entrance & Welcome

A couple of weeks ago, I headed down a quiet side street in the Boston Seaport to try a class at Everybody Fights.

When I arrived, I headed inside and I went straight to the front desk to check in (per usual). I had signed up for the BagsxBody class because I wanted a class that focused entirely on boxing. (There were a ton of other options for classes, but I’ll get to those later.)

One of the girls behind the desk signed me in and asked if I had ever gotten a tour of the club. When I said no, she walked me around and showed me all of the different areas of the club and where each class was stationed. She then brought me upstairs to the locker rooms, showed me how to input the code on a locker, and left me to hang out until the class started.

The Class:  BagsxBody

This class was only 40 minutes long, but it was a great workout!

Here are some of the highlights:

Class structureBagsxBody was mostly a boxing class. My gloves were on the entire time and the longest we went off the bags was only a minute or two. When we weren’t boxing, we were doing HIIT training exercises like burpees, mountain climbers, and jumping jacks.

TV Screens: The instructor told us at the beginning that there would be descriptions of each combination on the TV screens around the room, but the only thing I saw on the screen (which was tough to see) was a timer.

InstructionThis class had one instructor who stood in the center of the room. She used her mic to guide us through each part (although it was tough to hear her), and she demonstrated each move (although it was tough to see her through all the bags).

Intense but motivating atmosphere:  The loud hip-hop music, dim lights, and high energy definitely pumped up the workout. It felt a little like a spin class in that everyone had their own space and their own workout, but we suffered through it together.

The Class:  Trainx360

I actually went back for a second round of Everybody Fights about a week after the BagsxBody class. I wanted to try one of the circuit classes so that I could really give a full review. Plus, I just really wanted to go back 😉

Here are some highlights from Trainx360:

Class structure:  This class was way less focused on boxing, and included more HIIT and strength training in the form of circuit training. There were about 50 of us in the class, which makes for a crazy big group, but it worked just fine because the stations were spread out around the club.

There were 12 stations set up around the room, and 4 of them were at the bags. The instructor demonstrated each exercise while we warmed-up, then we spent a few minutes at each station using a 30/10 Tabata-like format.

Here’s a full list of all 12 stations that we hit that day:

1. Alternating battle ropes + 10 seconds battle ropes with jumping jacks

2. TRX suspended oblique crunches

3. Dumbbell overhead press + fast feet

4. Kettlebell lunges + shadow boxing

5. Medicine ball 180 squat jumps

6. Rower (no rest)

7. Airdyne (no rest)

8. Mountain climbers

Plus a round on each of the different bags (4 total):

9. Mitt work station

10. Double-end bag

11. Heavy bag

12. Body bag


Once we completed every station, we all met back in the corner to finish off as a team with a lunge/medicine ball drill.

TV Screens:  Again, all I could see on these was a countdown timer, which was definitely helpful for this class since we were frequently changing stations.

Instruction:   One instructor (Carlos) ran the whole class, which must have been tough because the circuits were spread out over the entire gym. He was wearing a mic and I had no problem hearing him (unlike in the other class). Carlos also did a great job paying attention to everyone in the room- helping with form and motivation- and coordinating the transitions between circuits.

Crossfit-like atmosphere:  This class had similar hip-hop music to BagsxBody, but no dim lighting. The energy was super high, but with more of a Crossfit, team-like vibe…”I’m dying, and you’re dying, but we got this.” This was unlike the BagsxBody class, which was very individual- no teamwork and no need to even pay attention to the other people around you.


Review (both classes):

The Good Stuff

Cardio/Strength combo

You guys know me…I’m a huge fan of anything that works my muscles and gets my heart rate going, so I loved both of these classes. Both classes included about 40 minutes of real work, which is also right up my alley (intensity > duration).

Variety of classes

I made an effort to try both classes because they are super different and I wanted to make sure I got the full experience. I love that there’s such a variety in the class offerings because it allows members to test their abilities in different ways, and focus on different goals over time (endurance, strength, agility, etc.)

Clean, beautiful space

The gym was huge and had a modern, warehouse feel to it. Everything was neat and clean, and all of the stations were intentionally separated to accommodate each type of class.

Great customer service

When I reached out with questions about the classes and the gym, I received a super friendly email back right away with all the answers I needed. Everyone at the club was welcoming and pumped to be there. It was a pleasant experience all around.

Solid website 

The website is super sleek and fairly easy to navigate, although I would suggest that the FAQs focus more on the class-goers (not the potential instructors). A newbie to boxing would probably need a lot of questions answered before feeling comfortable enough to show up at the club, and the FAQs could help with that.

Bumpin’ music and fun atmosphere

Both classes had (IMO) great hip-hop and rap music that pumped people up and filled the room with a powerful energy.

Good instructors 

This one applies more to the Trainx360 class because Carlos was just plain AWESOME. I was so impressed by how well he managed the transitions of the class with so many stations and people, while still helping everyone with their form and revving up the energy in the room.

The Not-So-Good Stuff

Tough for newbies

Even though the front desk employees were super friendly and gave me a great tour of the gym, they didn’t offer any introduction in terms of what I needed to know to take the class ie. how to put on the wraps (and why they’re important), simple boxing combinations, and explanations of the equipment we would be using. The lack of prep could leave a newbie confused and intimidated to start the class.

Not-so-good instructors

I’ve said this before, but instructors are a toss-up unless gyms are really paying attention to how their classes go. I had a not-so-great instructor at my first class. She didn’t introduce herself or ask if there were any newbies that she should help, and I could barely hear or see her when she was telling us what to do throughout the class.

Unexplained boxing combos

Kind of a continuation of my last point, but I was surprised that neither instructor spent any time explaining the different boxing combinations before jumping into class. Luckily I had boxed before so I had an idea, but I looked around the class as the instructor was yelling number combos and there were a whole bunch of confused faces.


I seriously wonder if I’ll ever NOT list price as a negative…but here it is. The first  Everybody Fights class is discounted, but any class after that is $30 (or $25/each if you buy a 10-pack). That’s a little too much to be going every day, but based on my experience, I think a few classes per week would be worth the money.

The verdict:

I’m a HUGE fan of boxing, so I would highly recommend Everybody Fights. It’s a good time, it’s totally empowering, and if you have any anger in you at all then you can take it out on a bag 😉

Before you go, though, I would recommend learning how to properly put on wraps, and learning some basic boxing combos.