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041- Life Hacks: Easy Habits to Simplify Healthy Living

040- Social Media Boundaries: To Share Or Not To Share?

039- What You Want to Know About Calorie Counting

038- Getting Personal: Life-long Habits and Self-Awareness

037- 6 Myths About Fitness and Fat Loss

036- Stop “Shoulding” All Over Yourself

035- Thong Bikinis, Birthmarks, and Body Image

034- Being Fit, Being a Mom, and Finding Your Purpose with Judy Arazoza

033- Our Review of the 21 Day Sugar Detox

032- Knowing Yourself, Character Traits, and Personality Tests

031- The Mind-Body Connection with Andrea Claassen

030- The Inside Scoop on Nutrition and Fitness Certifications

029- Pulling Back the Curtain on Entrepreneurship with Caroline Winn

028- It’s Flu Season! Use These Tips to Stay Healthy

027- Drop Fitness Overwhelm and Build a Booty with Cari Li

026- "Must be nice” – When Insecurity Surfaces

025- Perfectionism, Self-Trust, and When Life and Nutrition Meet with Lisa Carpenter

024- How to Build Your Girl Tribe

023- Periods and Female Hormonal Health with Veronica McNelis

022- 8 Reasons NOT to Work Out

021- Self-Care, Depression, and Digital Detox with Brittany Lillegard

020- Improving Digestion Without Changing Your Diet

019- Cravings, Emotions, and Hormonal Imbalances

018 - Confidence and Life Lessons on Being a Badass with Christina Montalvo

017- Dealing with Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Mental Health

016 - Cultivating Confidence

015 - Exercise Frequency: How Much is Too Much?

014 – Alcohol and the Effects on Fat Loss, Health and Life

013 - 8 Habits to Conquer Your Morning

012 - Why New Year's Resolutions Don't Work

011 - The Keto Diet

010- Get your family on board with a healthy lifestyle

009- Busy is a Decision

008 - Marathons, Spinning, and Fat Loss

007 – Poop, Squatty Pottys & Elimination Diets

006 – Shame Around Food and Redefining the Way You Eat

005 – Staying Healthy in the Midst of the Holiday Season

004 – What You Need to Know About Protein Powders and Supplements

003 – Crossfit: The Benefits, and Dangers and Everything in Between

002 – Getting Personal: Lyme Disease and Post-Birth Control Pill Hormonal Imbalances

001 – Meet Em & Kate


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