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Hidden Hard Parts of Being an Indoor Cycling Instructor

I want to show you how much stress and second-guessing goes on inside the heads of indoor cycling instructors…So let’s hop on into their thoughts, shall we?

Last week, I asked my Indoor Cycling Instructor Crew this question:

What do you think is one of the hidden hard parts of being an instructor?

The answers flowed quickly, and they ran the gamut. Here’s what they said:

The hardest parts of being an instructor is….

  • Keeping people committed to attend class regularly
  • Feel like I’m talking all the time and being annoying
  • Working with different fitness levels and goals
  • Building class profiles that feel good to teach
  • Being motivating enough to keep members coming and participating
  • Keeping every class fresh and interesting
  • Being “ on” all the time
  • Ensuring the members “get it”; that they completely understand my intent and cueing for the segment and then execute!
  • Giving them a warm welcome into your community and bringing consistent energy
  • When you’re not feeling it and trying not to let it show… we are “performers”!
  • Second guessing yourself – did they like my music, did I talk too much, did I not talk enough, was the intensity level good?
  • Creating an executing a challenging but fun class
  • Coming up with new and exciting drills
  • Worrying about if the riders are engaged or are wishing to be somewhere else
  • Nervously wondering if first time riders return to class
  • Sticking with my education and training and standing up against what might be filling saddles/classes at the moment even though I know I don’t agree with it
  • Wondering why my classes aren’t as full as other instructors’ classes who teach at the same time on a different days
  • Being interesting and exciting even when I’m tired or feel off
  • Always being “on”, regardless of how I’m feeling or what’s going on outside the room
  • Leaving class unhappy about the layout or the reaction from the riders


WHOA MAMA! So many things!😫

These are all valid concerns, and most of the stem from a lack of confidence in the ability to create and execute a solid class.

Are you an instructor who struggles with your confidence? Do you walk into class with nerves, and leave second guessing yourself?

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