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How often should we be eating?

Everyone eats different amounts at different times during the day. It all depends on our bodies and our schedules.

I like small meals with small snacks sprinkled in between, but my husband is the total opposite. He might not eat anything all day and then he’ll have a giant dinner. Maybe you’re a teacher on your feet all day and barely have time to eat until school gets out. Maybe you’re traveling for work and you are eating throughout the day as you meet with clients. Does the difference matter?

For a long time I was telling my husband that it wasn’t healthy to just do one big meal per day, and that he should really be eating small meals over the course of the day. But he has been living like this since college and is a fit, healthy man. So what gives?


I did my research regarding the “eat many small meals” theory because I started to wonder about the reasoning behind it. Turns out, it’s (mostly) crap.

If I was given a basket of food to eat for the day, it wouldn’t make much difference if I ate it all at once or spread it out over the day because I am consuming the same amount of calories and nutrients.

However, nutritionists still do suggest eating small meals over the day in place of 1-3 larger meals because irregular eating patterns and skipped meals can lead overeating or even binge eating.

If you’re interested, here are the studies I read that support this idea:


2 thoughts on “How often should we be eating?

  1. I think I do well all day but then at night it seems like I’m craving and end up snacking on carbs- usually pretzels. is this because I’m have low carbs all day? Should I be having more carbs during the day to stop my nightly cravings? Does anyone else have this problem.

    1. First of all- you’re not alone! A lot of people struggle with nighttime binges. A few thoughts on this….
      1. Make sure you eat enough during the day. If you’re feeling hungry all day because you’re “saving up” for later, you will likely overeat at night.
      2. I think you turn to carbs because it’s the easiest option when we want a yummy late-night snack. If you feel yourself about to go the the pantry, redirect yourself to the fridge. The fridge will likely have fewer carb options and force you to pick something healthier- fruit, veggies, maybe deli meat roll ups or even cook up an egg.

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