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20 Killer Cues for Your Indoor Cycling Class

Want to up your game as an instructor and truly inspire your riders?
Don’t get stuck saying the same old phrases like “let’s go!” and “push yourself!”
It’s time to really rev up your cueing…
It’s time to take your classes from “good” to “great”…
It’s time to master your cues and give your riders a class that they can’t stop raving about!

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3-Step Music Matching Guide

Do you teach your indoor cycling classes to the beat of the music?
Do you ever struggle with finding a great playlist of your class profile?
How do you know which song to choose for each drill or movement?
How can you sync the beat of the music (BPM) with cadence (RPM)?

I’ve seen many instructors who don’t bother to create a connection between the songs and the working profiles of their classes, and I have to be honest…it comes off as lazy.

Teaching to the beat will be an extremely useful tool no matter what school of cycling you’re in- traditional Spinning™ or “party on a bike”.

Learn the steps for matching music to your routine today with this free guide...

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