Why I Coach Instructors

I’ve been teaching indoor cycling since 2007, and it’s crazy how much things have changed. As indoor cycling gets more and more popular, I see a growing need to help instructors find their way.

Over the years, I’ve gotten more and more involved in the fitness industry. I teach different types of group fitness, I’m a certified personal trainer, an online trainer, and a nutrition coach. It has been great to branch out and learn the ins and outs of the larger industry, but my first love will always be indoor cycling.

Whether you’re thinking about becoming an instructor, your fresh out of your certification, or your a seasoned vet who wants to keep up with industry changes and get a fresh perspective, I’m here to help.

Indoor cycling industry + why we struggle

The indoor cycling industry has undergone some MAJOR changes over the past decade, and suffice it to say the certifications have not kept up. No matter which cert you have, you probably left the training feeling like you still had so much to learn before you did an audition or got up in front of a class.

I feel you. I was there, too.

I had a really hard time gaining confidence in front of my classes and it was TOUGH. I honestly almost gave up a few times because I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing and I felt like a fraud up there on stage. I worried about things like…

What if I talk too much? What if I don’t have enough to say?

Will everyone like my music?

How do I avoid getting TOO technical while still giving them enough detail on how to ride?

What if I get tired and out of breath?

Is my class too easy? Could it be too hard?

Where can I go to get help with all this?!

You get the idea.

Point is, I’m super excited to share everything I know about cycling with you because there are just so many things that I wish someone had told me way back when I started.

If you’re interested in improving as an instructor, there are a few options…Click here to learn more.