KHF Mission

The trainings and certifications for indoor cycling instructors can’t keep up with the boom of boutique fitness studios and group fitness classes, which means instructors are having a really hard time finding sound and reliable resources. To add fuel to the fire, the bar has been set much higher for instructors now that clients are willing to pay a premium for group fitness. This means instructors have to find ways to meet these high standards in a fitness world that’s devoid of resources and support. My job at Kate Hoerner Fitness is to provide coaching and resources to my instructors (most of which I offer for free) because there shouldn’t be so much struggle in a job that’s driven by a passion to help others.


The mission behind Kate Hoerner Fitness is to provide a judgement-free space in which indoor cycling instructors can enhance their knowledge and grow their coaching skills in order to pursue their passion in a way that’s sustainable, efficient, and enjoyable.


I coach new instructors to become more comfortable and confident on the instructor stage by teaching them proven methods for planning and executing their classes. I also coach instructors on self-care and striking balance between teaching classes and accomplishing their personal fitness, nutrition, and health goals.


I will be the first to tell you that I don’t know everything. I have been an instructor for over a decade, which feels like a lot...but I know people who have been teaching for double, even triple, that time. What makes me different is my mindset.


There’s a selfish mentality that brands most experienced instructors because they operate in scarcity and believe that sharing their insights will take away from their own value. Many of these instructors also get stuck in dogma and close their minds to new ideas. What's worse is that a lot of these instructors use their experience as a justification for shaming new instructors who come to them wide-eyed and eager to learn.


I want to create a community of abundance where instructors can learn from each other in a safe, encouraging, and supportive environment. Come join me in the Indoor Cycling Instructor Crew group to see what I mean.