Mic screeching? Sound issues during class? Read this.

Picture this…   You’re a few songs into class, and your riders are warmed up and really getting into it. You hear a faint ringing behind your music, and then – all of the sudden- a piercing *SCREECH* takes over the room. You quickly reach for the volume and turn […]

6 Ways to Make New Riders Feel Welcome

Once instructors have a little (or a lot) of experience under their belts, it becomes difficult for them to remember what it felt like to be a newbie… …which can pose big challenges for those instructors.   You see, as instructors it’s incredibly important that we do our best to […]

Hidden Hard Parts of Being an Indoor Cycling Instructor

I want to show you how much stress and second-guessing goes on inside the heads of indoor cycling instructors…So let’s hop on into their thoughts, shall we? Last week, I asked my Indoor Cycling Instructor Crew this question: What do you think is one of the hidden hard parts of being […]