Hidden Hard Parts of Being an Indoor Cycling Instructor

I want to show you how much stress and second-guessing goes on inside the heads of indoor cycling instructors…So let’s hop on into their thoughts, shall we? Last week, I asked my Indoor Cycling Instructor Crew this question: What do you think is one of the hidden hard parts of being […]

Is Your Indoor Cycling Certification Failing You?

Being an indoor cycling instructor is much harder than it looks.   In order to teach a solid class, everything needs to be on point:  form, class structure, music-matching, cueing, inspiration, and so much more.   All of these factors create opportunity for instructors to struggle, especially newbies…But by far […]

The Most Controversial Subject in the Indoor Cycling World

I recently did a Facebook Live in my private group about a subject that gets a lot of heat in the indoor cycling world…   Contraindications The indoor cycling industry has changed quite a bit in the last twenty, ten, even 5 years, and if you’re certified in traditional old-school methods (like me), you’ll […]