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I simply cannot say enough about the #TTB experience! I’ve done challenges in the past that I haven’t followed through with or completed, but this 6 week challenge was different. I loved checking in every day, completing each of the workouts and connecting with the amazing TTB community. Every time I completed a workout I felt empowered and motivated to get to the next workout. I’ve never felt stronger, both physically and mentally! I highly recommend the TTB challenge for anyone looking to challenge themselves and create a healthier lifestyle. I will definitely be using what I learned over the last 6 weeks to maintain this healthy lifestyle and hit new exercise and nutrition goals.

-Anonymous post-TTB survey response


I wanted to take a moment to express my own experience of having Kate guide me to being a stronger, healthier and happy person.I took one of her challenges a few months ago and I was an instant fan. Results aside (7 lbs down in the first week!) it was Kate’s style of motivation and the genuineness of her caring that keeps you going and pushes you through. She’s doing the whole workout with you, unlike other programs I’ve tried.I love that her workouts are portable…and not “over the top” … just the right blend to get results without crying (too much lol). Get ready to sweat tho!!She shares great recipes and ideas on how to navigate roadblocks that will inevitably come up on a daily basis. She won’t let you get down on yourself and always exudes a super positive energy.

-Amy C.


I completed Fit Blitz and the Triple Threat Bootcamp with Kate and I LOVED both programs. Her workouts came at a perfect time for me as I was just about to start working out after having my second child. The Fit Blitz was a great way to ease into working out again. The workouts were easy to do at home, short enough that I was able to fit into my busy schedule and effective because I felt my body getting stronger! After completing this for a week I was hesitant to join the #TripleThreatBootcamp because of time but after talking to Kate she gave me the confidence that I would be able to find time to work out. I’m so glad I took that chance because I was able to complete all the workouts and more importantly I felt stronger physically and mentally after completing the month. Thank you Kate! Your programs were great! I’ve told all my friends about it! I can’t wait for the next one!

Mey D.

Since I’ve always been on a team and was a college athlete, coming out of school and having to do exercise on my own has been pretty tough. Not only not knowing what to do or how to put a good workout together but just being in the gym alone makes you go a little easier on yourself. The group was awesome for this!! It wasn’t necessarily that I worked out more but my workouts were way more efficient and I was way more focused. And even though the group of girls is all over the country I felt like we were a little team cheering each other on. That with the other benefits of talking about good sleeping habits, eating habits, mental toughness and so many other things that help create a healthy lifestyle made this six weeks really worth it and fun!
-Anonymous post-TTB survey response


Kate’s positive and upbeat attitude, combined with genuine desire to help people, make it easy to work with her. She has a vast knowledge of whole body health and well-being for a real, maintainable lifestyle approach; not simply focusing on exercise and losing weight.

Her knowledge and creativity lead to workouts that are both challenging and effective, and her tips and tricks to overcome life’s challenges (like not having enough time to workout or beating late night cravings) are things I could relate to and benefit from.

I am in my early 30’s and my metabolism is now doing things it’s never done before. The workouts help to shake up my regular routine and force me to do more reps than I normally would, use weights when I normally wouldn’t, and work at a variety of intervals to keep my body guessing.

Kate’s blogs, live videos and posts allow you to see her own real, personal insight and challenges which clue you in to the fact that she lives and breathes to keep learning, adapting, and growing to be the best she can be for herself, and in turn, those she is aiming to help.

-Jana L.


Although I thought the #TripleThreatBootcamp would not be any different than any other workout routine I have taken, I was mistaken. The whole idea of working out for just thirty minutes, or 45 minutes a day, helped me to stay focused on my goal. With Katie’s nutritional advice, which reset my view of what’s good to eat, how much to eat  and her “pep” talks to stay with the program, has encouraged this on again, off again, dieter to stick with a program that works for me. I am pleased with the results I have seen, and realize this is an ongoing process that I can control. Knowing Katie is there to answer any questions assures me of my success. Thanks so much, Katie!

-Liz A.


Thank you Kate Hoerner!!! I’ve successfully completed your #SweatWithStrength workouts and I feel awesome! I’ve lost 5 pounds, I’m sleeping better and, most importantly, I feel strong. I’m hooked! #workoutanywhere #katehoernerfitness

-Mary C.