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The Training Protocol that Totally Revamped my Workouts

Ever heard of Rest-Based Training (RBT)?

If you haven’t, listen up…It’s gold.

About two years ago I started using this training principle developed by Metabolic Effect and although it’s SUPER SIMPLE in nature, it leads to pretty incredible results…especially if you’re someone who has been stuck in a plateau for years (like I was).

So what is Rest-Based Training?

RBT removes the structured rest periods from a workout so that we can take rest if/when we need it, not when it’s given to us.

The philosophy behind rest-based training, according to MetEffect, is that “rest in a workout is not only a good thing, but should be the primary goal of any training program focused on delivering real results…Rest and work in exercise are dependent upon one another and together deliver far better results than can be achieved with pacing.”

Here’s an example to illustrate what I mean…

Regular circuit training:

Let’s say you’re doing a minute straight of jump squats. You probably start off strong, and as you start to lose steam you slow down, your form suffers, and you stare at the clock watching the seconds tick down until you can rest.

Rest-Based approach:

Take that same minute of jump squats, but instead of pushing for the whole minute and fading as you go, start off with high intensity and good form and REST as soon as you start to falter. Regroup and catch your breath for a few seconds, then jump right back in with the same good form and energy that you started with.

The difference seems subtle, but try it out and you’ll see what I mean. I used RBT for all of the #FitBlitz workouts and most of the workouts in the #TripleThreatBootcamp.

What’s so great about RBT ?

Control. What I love about RBT is that it gives us the autonomy to run our workouts based on the way we feel that day. We all have good days and not-so-good days at the gym depending on our energy and stress levels. By allowing ourselves the flexibility to work and rest as we need, we can ensure that we’re giving the most we can on any given day.

Mind over matter. The psychological piece of a workout is much bigger than most people realize. RBT keeps you motivated and pushing hard because you know it’s up to you to determine what’s next. Incorporating RBT will help you get your mind right if you tend to struggle through your workouts.


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