Starting your own indoor cycling studio?


Are you an experienced instructor who wants to take your love for indoor cycling to the next level?

So many of my instructors in my Crew have reached out to me with questions about starting their own studios.

  • How do I find a successful location? (Click here to download my FREE guide on choosing the best location for your studio.)
  • How many square feet do I need in the space?
  • Where can I get financing?
  • How much will buildout cost?
  • How many bikes do I need?
  • What brand of bikes should I get?
  • How does an equipment lease work?
  • How many front desk staff do I need?
  • Where can I find the best instructors?
  • Do I need a manager?
  • How will zoning laws affect what I can do?
  • What goes into planning a Grand Opening?


Now, don't freak out, but these questions don't even scratch the surface of all the planning and preparation that go into starting a studio.

If you really want to do this, and you're ready to commit to whatever it takes, I can help you do it.


My experience + what I can help you with

(Email me at for more information.)


Business Plans

I've written several thorough Business Plans for start-up studios, including my own. These Business Plans are necessary to confirm that you have checked every box before diving in. They are often also required to secure a lease on your location.


Financial Projections

I've created Financial Budgets and Projection models for startups and current studios looking to expand. These models allow owners to see their estimated costs and potential bottom line.


General Consultation

As I mentioned, I get a great deal of questions from future owners, and they range the gamot. Sometimes we don't know what we don't know. I can hop on the phone with you for as much time as you need, and we can talk through your plan.


Current Owners & Managers

I currently manage a profitable indoor cycling studio just outside of Boston, so I know what the daily grind is like. If you already started your studio and need a little help with operations or marketing, I can help.


What my clients are saying... 

"I hired Kate to build a detailed financial model that would help me make decisions regarding a significant move and expansion of my club.  I was under deadlines and she delivered. The model forecasted the short and long term revenues and expenses of the expansion, which gave me the detail I needed to be secure in my decision. I would definitely recommend Kate to anyone who needs help with their club's financial projections."

Rick O.
Club Owner and General Manager 





If you're interested in any of these services, please send an email to and tell me what I can help with.

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